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Wedding Invitations by William Arthur:

Opal Shimmer Pocket Invitation

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Invitation Code : WA172

Invitation Description :

This invitation consists of a pocket folder containing an ecru wedding invitation. The pocket can also hold the other invitation pieces such as reply card or guest information card. The Opal shimmer top fold cover is shown wrapped with a brown satin bow.

Ailbhe Says

A lovely invitation with optional bow wrap. The invitation and any other accompanying cards are slotted into the inside pocket. In the sample shown the use of celery ink as an accent colour adds depth and lifts the design of the card. The contemporary layout of the text alignment, combined with classic font choice works extremely well. However, many design options are possible with this invitation.


The Ribbon could be removed or replaced by any one from our collection. As with all our invitations, the choice of fonts, ink colours and envelope linings can vary to suit your own style choice. A range of accompanying cards are also available to match this invitation. They include, reply, place or escort cards and indeed thank you cards.