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Wedding Invitations by William Arthur:

Layered Opal Shimmer and Gilt Edge

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Invitation Code : WA151

Invitation Description :

A truly unique and beautiful presentation, a white, gilt edged card is layered over an opal shimmer paper. It sets a formal yet modern tone for your wedding. Available with matching opal shimmer envelopes.

The dimensions of this card are 5 5/8" x 7 1/2"

Ailbhe Says

This is one card that definitely needs to be seen to be appreciated.

Along with having the main invitation on an opal shimmer card, the invitation is also formally gilded - i.e. gold leaf has been applied to the edge. A very luxurious choice with beautiful craftsmanship.

In the studio album there is an interesting variation on this card, which is shown with a ribbon band wrapped around the opal shimmer card and fixed under the main invitation top card.


Comes with the option of opal shimmer envelopes which match this card.