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Wedding Invitations by William Arthur:

Larger Sized Royalty Pantheon Invitation

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Invitation Code : WA137

Invitation Description :

Shown in indigo and gold ink, using thermography print. This larger sized ecru invitation is an elegant, classic choice. The cards measures 6 1/8 inches wide x 8 7/8 inches tall.

Ailbhe Says

The pantheon style frame achieves a picture perfect result. I quite like this card done in either landscape or portrait format.

The larger size envelopes look super with hand lining in the inner envelope, and one of my personal favorites is to consider printing on the back flap of outer envelope (perhaps a monogram or address).


Available in either Ecru or White, the pantheon frame card is available in either Large format as shown or in standard size. A full range of matching pantheon frame evening invitations, thank you cards and place cards are also available.

Price Details : WA137

This invitation, printed in a single ink colour, using raised thermography print, including envelope, is available from €256 for a wedding of around 90 to 100 guests. For a wedding of around 100 to 150 guests the price would be €330. On the main image shown above, the option of printing in raised print with two ink colours has been chosen, using a second raised ink colour like this would add €80 to the cost.

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