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Wedding Invitations by William Arthur:

Classic White Wedding Invite

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Invitation Code : WA121

Invitation Description :

A modern twist on a classic layout.

Interesting ink colours have been chosen here, a Slate Blue combined with Robbins Egg shown thermography printed.

A highlight of this card is the monogram design used.

Ailbhe Says

I love the monogram used on this card and also the colour combination. If I were choosing this card I would carry through the monogram to the back flap of the envelope, menu's, evening invitations, etc.

Clients always tell me how impressed their guests were if the back flap of the envelope has been printed. It does have a certain wow factor when it arrives in the post.

We have lots and lots of monogram designs to choose from. Just remember it's always the Bride's initials that go first!


This card is available with top opening French Envelope or traditional side opening envelope.

A full range of ink colours, fonts, envelope linings, ribbons are available.

An ecru version of this card is also available, as are a full range of matching cards such as reply cards, evening invitations, etc.

Price Details : WA121

This invitation, printed in a single ink colour, using raised thermography print, including envelope, is available from €220 for a wedding of around 90 to 100 guests. For a wedding of around 100 to 150 guests the price would be €282. On the main image shown above, the option of printing in raised print with two ink colours has been chosen, using a second raised ink colour like this would add €80 to the cost.

For more details, please email: or call us on 01 661 0010.

For uptodate and accurate price information please contact the studio to recieve a personlised quote, prices are subject to change E&OE.