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Wedding Invitations by William Arthur:

Classic Beaded Border Invitation in Ecru

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Invitation Code : WA113

Invitation Description :

This is an ecru colour paper, which has been blind embossed with the beaded border design, it's a very elegant classic look which is timeless and a real favorite.

This card is price code E, which is where our pricing starts, printed in raised thermography print it's particularly good value for such a classic design.

This card is shown with what is known as a French Envelope, a French Envelope is top opening which gives a tall look to the envelope, in the main image two ink colours have been used, gold and charcoal. The gold ink really must be seen in the hand to appreciate how well the metallic ink colours appear in Thermography or Copper Plate Engraved print.

Ailbhe Says

The main image here is complimented by it's use of charcoal ink, rather than full black, charcoal is 50% black and gives a softer result than full black. I often suggest using charcoal rather than black unless you are looking to create a particularly strong contrast.

The beaded border card has a wonderful range of matching complimentary cards such as reply cards, thank you notes, place cards and others. Some of which are shown above.

In the studio album this card is shown with a pearl envelope lining, which I feel gives a lovely gentle result. For a more striking contrast I might recommend the antique gold lining. All of these linings are available to browse in our studio.


This card is shown in Ecru paper but is also available in white paper and in a square shape. It can be produced with either a traditional side opening envelope or a French Envelope (top opening). It is shown in two ink colours but as you can see from one of the images above, it also looks beautiful in a single ink colour.

As with all of our cards a full range of optional hand linings are available for the inner envelope.